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The Hidden Reasons We Struggle to Lose Weight
This class was recorded during a live class in 2021 and is available as an "on-demand" course for you to purchase and complete at your own pace.  You will have lifetime access to the videos and course materials.
"I just want to thank you and give so much gratitude for sharing your knowledge and tips. I have mastered all other aspects of my life and I always knew that there was more or some  hidden reason.  I discovered the reason  that kept me stuck but I just didn’t know how to fix it.  I have been searching and asking for this and I am so happy to know all these tips & tricks.  I know I must do the work and I am finding it enjoyable.  Thanks for changing my life.  Keep doing this work.  You made a difference in my life. Thank you!"  Lots of love, Denise
Stop recycling struggle!  
Throw it out permanently  and explore a new, innovative and different approach to the body you can love and appreciate, no matter what!
If you have taken a DECU Level 1 course, you know that it is just the beginning.  Perhaps you’re not comfortable yet with an advanced course so we designed this course to help you go deeper into your journey of self discovery and mastery of your body using the tools you have learned so far. 
Top Issues we cover to help you discover your hidden reasons for holding onto the weight:
  • Stress, Survival
  • Scarcity, Deprivation
  • Defense, Protection
  • Lack of Control/Needing Control
  • Punishment & Reward
  • Emotional Eating
  • Emotional Wounds...and more
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"Thank you so much for teaching "Hidden Reasons."  I don't think I would have made such a major shift if it hadn't been for the calm, caring, supportive and insightful way you taught the class.  I am looking forward to doing more classes with you because you bring so much love and thoughtful attention to the material and make each of us in the class feel that you are totally there for us. Oceans of love, Sandy"
It’s time to throw out the bathroom scales and diet books and explore a new, innovative and different approach to not only reducing weight, but changing your perception of your body and the way you participate in life.
This 6 Week on-line class will help you discover your hidden reasons buried within your subconscious that are protecting you and helping you to feel safe BUT, at the same time, could be sabotaging your perceptions of your body and ultimately, success with shedding weight or achieving your ideal life.  Until you address those reasons and release them for good, you will continue to repeat the same old patterns.

What you will notice is that the old habits become uncomfortable and the new ones become your dominant expression.  In other words, it becomes a natural way of being.

We are incorporating scalar infused essential oil blends into this course that will enhance your transformation exponentially.  The blends are optional, but previous students felt these oils really made a difference in how quickly their perceptions changed and how easy it was to move into a new mindset.

Cost:  $275 for 6-week class.

Optional $122  for the set of 6 Scalar coded Essential Oil Blends.


"It led me further than I thought!  Yeah!  💟📣🎶 With Love, Claude"
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Combining Essential Oils with Scalar Energy 

Essential oils have a high vibrational frequency and wisdom that knows what your body needs to shift your frequency.  Scalar energy is imprinted into the oil blends bringing them into their purest form. The energies work together continuously, gathering more and more life force energy.  The oil blends have each been coded to empower it to support you on your healing journey. When applied onto the skin it can work from the inside out creating health and well-being.

These Essential Oil blends are encoded to open up your energy system to enable you to work at a much deeper level throughout our class. 

Our Blending Alchemist, Denise Kilonsky has selected specific essential oils and energy points on the body to apply the oils onto.  When applied to specific acupuncture points and energy centers, you can use these energy pathways to directly affect the entire body.

The blends can also help to facilitate a smooth healing process and integration following any healing session.

"The Hidden Reasons course powerfully challenged me to look at new information about my programs. My intuition led me through the content of this class in a personalized way. I welcomed uncomfortable revelations because with trust in each clearing and higher frequency, there is new freedom!
The techniques found within the DECU, OMcodes and Evolution courses supported me during this course. I am grateful for the experience of this class, as it has brought me more clarity of who I AM in Divine Expression!

Much Love Light and Happiness.  Karen" 
Welcome to a journey of discovering YOU!
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Hidden Reasons Course
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Optional Set of Essential Oil Blends
The set of essential oil blends is optional, but previous students felt these oils really made a difference in how quickly their perceptions changed and how easy it was to move into a new mindset.

They will enhance your transformation exponentially. 
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