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Are You a NEW Earth Navigator?
Amplify Your Ascension and Awaken the Planet
We are bursting with excitement to introduce New Earth Pathways!
This is a community organization created to awaken the planet while amplifying your personal practice.

Our Mission
New Earth Pathways is a movement to awaken humanity as more and more of us claim Heaven on Earth. Each month our community comes together as a circle of light in new activations/meditations, ceremony and ascension techniques to advance the awakening of the world together.
When the community reaches 144,000 members, we will come together in a ceremony to claim Heaven on Earth in the same moment of time. This community event will shift the percentage of people awakening on the planet to 51% and bring about the creation of the New Earth Reality.
The Mass Awakening…. New Earth Living.
Join Our Community

By joining our community you can contribute to the movement designed to be the biggest event in the evolution of humanity!
When you join New Earth Pathways you become a New Earth Navigator. A New Earth Navigator is someone that is awakened or is awakening to their soul mission so they can claim Heaven on Earth.
As a New Earth Navigator you join the ranks of our growing community where we join together each month.
Become a New Earth Navigator and reflect the agreement to move through the unknown and navigate through states of consciousness that have never been reflected, held or witnessed! 
By joining us, you are demonstrating you have the willingness to find comfort in the unknown by  allowing our journey to unfold one step at a time.  Together, we will create pathways to the NEW Earth so others can follow.   You are you, I am me and together we are one united in the movement to claim Heaven on Earth!
Join Us!

Become a New Earth Navigator
Every month as a New Earth Navigator you receive the following benefits:
*Two (2) LIVE Activations/Meditations to raise the frequency of our planet, your own personal vibration and frequency.
*One Live Ascension Ceremony to advance your consciousness (along with access to all recordings)
*An invitation to an Awakening course of the month
*Advance Notification of the Live Event
*Bonus: Receive a one time code for 20% off your first order at our PurSoul Store
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