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A Journey of Self-Discovery

Join Denise Kilonsky for this 4-week workshop to reveal and unlock your greatest SELF.
This course is available on-demand.  You have access to the live recordings, all PDF materials, and course content.
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Listen to participants talk about their experience of this workshop.
We'll take a deep dive into your subconscious programming to clear what stops you from being your best self!

Every week for 4 weeks, we will identify and collectively dissolve the underlying blocks that have been thwarting your journey of self-discovery and personal mastery.

If you are ready to fully express who you truly are, this workshop is the catalyst for the change you’ve been searching for.

  • Get weekly self-help tools and powerful exercises designed to reveal the inner most hidden reasons that impede your success.

  • Support your transformation with a scalar infused essential oil blend crafted for each week.  These oils create a full body balance that supports you in an ever expanding higher vibrational frequency and holds you there so you can elevate faster.

  • "I Am Journey" cards will help to integrate the “1-10 Process” into your journey.    Why take the long road around if you can take a shortcut and get there faster?

  • On-demand access to this "evergreen" class to support you as your journey evolves.  New material may be added as we all grow and evolve.
Discover Who You Are and What You Are Meant for
Is this Workshop Right for you?
  • Do you feel like you have lost your identity?  
  • Are you tired of the struggle and feel as if you are living your life for someone else?
  • Are you tired of never finishing a project or seeing a great idea come into fruition because you always seem to sabotage your success?
  • Do you feel like its time for a big change?
  • Are you ready to release your greatest challenges in life that you can’t seem to overcome?
  • Are you ready to step it up a notch but you procrastinate in self-doubt, worry, or self-sabotage?

If you said YES to any of these blocks, this workshop is right for you.
You are ready to discover what is stopping you and you are READY to hit the RESET button.
Welcome aboard! 
BONUS:  This workshop was recorded during a live virtual workshop in 2021.  You will have access to the previous class recordings when you purchase this workshop.
Who are you ready to BECOME?
Everything you need is already within you just waiting for you to unveil the greatness within.

All you have to do is get out of your own way!
Each week we’ll dive deeper into your subconscious programming to discover and quickly release what is holding you back and prime you to step into the best version of you.

The YOU, you came here to BE!
New for this class!
"I AM Journey Cards"
They are perfect for moving you quickly into the next highest frequency!  
Each card has a reflection in the book.  Let yourself intuitively read the pages and take a moment to sit in its meaning for you. Take your reflection into your daily life and allow yourself to Ascend through the I AM.  Who are you in the I AM you have selected?  How will you think, feel, what choices will you make if you were to live in the identity of the I AM you select?  Let it guide you into the magic as you begin to advance to your highest potential.  Most importantly… Have FUN!

The purchase of the cards is optional but will be used throughout the class to take us into a deeper reflection.

Why PurSoul Essential Oil Blends are so Powerful
We code them with powerful Scalar Wave Frequencies
Scalar waves are longitudinal waves, being two identical electromagnetic waves of the same frequency that are opposite to each other. When two frequencies come from opposite directions meet they cancel each other out.  This scalar energy form can carry information and this information can be used for healing purposes.

Scalar waves and our DNA both spin in a clockwise motion so they are in harmony, and that is a key to our DNA absorbing scalar waves to provide healing because the shape of scalar waves is quite like the helical structure of DNA.

It has been confirmed that scalar waves can stimulate a twenty-fold cell growth in human immune system cells. What is more, scalar waves can increase the covalent energy level of every single hydrogen atom in the body, and that is important due to hydrogen bonds holding DNA together.

Scalar waves can also neutralize chaotic signals from man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s), which bombard us from cell phones, computers, microwaves, and other electrical conveniences. These all impact and adversely affect our cells.

Denise Kilonsky and Jewels Arnes discuss using scalar energy to enhance energy flow and alignment in PurSoul Remedies blends and Eternal Gold products.  Each of our oils and the final product is coded with the highest potential of each ingredient.
   Combining Essential Oils with Scalar Energy 
  Essential oils have a high vibrational frequency and wisdom that knows what your body needs to shift you into your next highest expression.  We have personally coded each essential oil individually to empower what it delivers to support you on your healing journey.
  These Essential Oil blends are encoded to work within the meridian system to open up your energy system to enable you to work at a much deeper level throughout this class.  The blends can also help to facilitate a smooth healing process and integration following any healing session.   
  Scalar energy is imprinted into the oil blends bringing them into their highest potential. When applied to specific acupuncture points and energy centers of the body you can use the energy pathways to directly affect the entire body.   

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Overview of each week's Essential Oil Blend
There is one essential oil blend for each week of the class to support your transformation and enhance your results.
They are optional, but HIGHLY recommended.
Thank YOU for this opportunity! These four weeks working with you have been an amazing experience. I'm SO looking forward to our class.  And I'm obsessed with the oils, I'm so happy I trusted the Divine and said yes to this reflection video co-creation.”   Abriana
Denise has created a guided meditation to connect with the spirit of each oil blend that is posted in the classroom for each week to help you work with the blend at a deeper level.
Week 1:  I Am Sovereign Blend
This blend is about owning and standing in your power so nothing takes you out of resonance with your Divine Being-ness.  You are independent, autonomous and absolute in your knowingness of who you are and you show the world your greatness without holding back.

Week 2:  Fearless & Proud Blend
Helps you to ride the wave and be fearless, vocal, loud and proud!  Helps you to speak from a centered, rooted space so those around you respond better to the new empowered you. 

Week 3:  Set Myself Free Blend
For those in a chronic state of “I don’t know how to forgive” due to resistance of needing to be right and playing the victim.  It takes a lot of energy to hold onto victimhood and un-forgiveness.  Isn’t it time to transform it?  This blend helps to catapult the resolution process. 

Week 4:  Creating Flow
Helps us to navigate our creative process and how we “flow” so we put our time into what we really value independent of the opinions of others.  When you are in the creative flow it allows you yo pay attention to the more important things in life. 

Course Overview
Reveal your "secret agenda" of how you use fight or flight, scarcity, and survival patterns to keep you safe.
Discover your negative self-image programs and if your people pleasing tendencies interfere with your goals and success.
Victimhood and forgiveness.  We all play these cards to our benefit until we recognize that we are the only one being harmed and that it is now time to move forward free from these burdens of our past.
Control issues.  We’ll help you understand the many facets from lack of control to needing to be in control of everything and how the more in control you are, the more you lack control and how it is actually controlling you.
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Optional Purchase of Essential Oil Set
$100.00 Set of 4.  Purchase when you register for class, discounted to $60.00
Questions?  Email Denise Kilonsky: