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Breaking Quantum PhysicsTM
Experience the Ascended DNA
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Upgrade Your Brain, Body — and Human Potential

Tap into your own body and boost your physical and cognitive performance to experience the Advanced Human! The DNA holds a software system that has the ability to access an intelligence beyond the programming that holds the body in limitation.  We can experience this as density, fatigue, illness, aging, depression, anxiety or lack or cognitive function. 

Most of us have an innate knowing that we should have complete control over our biology, our thoughts and manifest instantly but become confused when our efforts fall short.  The truth is our bodies and DNA are more magnificent than the most advanced technology out there.  We ARE the most advanced technology. 

Learn the most advanced technology of the human body and a step by step processes to transform into the New Human. Turn on dormant DNA and unleash a cellular intelligence beyond what you can imagine.  It is stored right inside you, learn the processes of the software that is YOU, stored in your DNA.

What will you experience in Breaking Quantum Physics?

 ✨Become aware of how you view the limitations of your own body and break through looping systems.

✨ Learn to turn on 100% of the energetic synapses to expand beyond limiting beliefs or the automatic behaviors that create the experience of the body in the old paradigm.

✨ Awaken to your highest potential both consciously and physically by expanding beyond the state of consciousness you are currently creating from.

✨ Shift from the old Paradigm of the cells function and begin to hold an intelligence as frequency waves, allowing the body to shift out of disease and deterioration.

✨ Turn off epigenetic codes and move into a state of extreme performance in the expression of frequencies held in the DNA.

✨ Shift DNA functions to express frequency waves beyond agreements held in dense repeated patterns or primal looping systems of the body.

✨ Learn to use DNA intelligence to amplify performance and potential of the body.  This upgrades energetic waves or synapses of the body to hold frequencies above the state of consciousness you are in.

✨ Become the master of an intelligence outside the programming of physical and energetic responses of the old paradigm of the human experience.

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