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Breaking Quantum Physics TM
 12 module Lecture Series 

DNA Ascension
Creating the Ascended DNA by breaking the looping cycle of how the Cells Divide

Experience the 3rd-5th
Advanced Body 
Are You Ready to Bend the Very Reality You Exist IN?
Be The FIRST to Break Quantum Physics!
Continue the Journey!
In BQP you will dive deep into the DNA and upgrade the cells through the looping cycle of cell  division.
Following a step by step process, you will learn how to upgrade the cell to the 4th Light body as well as activate the DNA codes holding the frequencies needed to ascend consciously  through each step.
Then break though the 12 universal laws and MASTER what it is to hold expression in Source Intelligence.

In Breaking Quantum Physics You will Discover:
✨ How to use the 3rd level of the 7 Elements to Shift Cell Division into an expression of Source Frequency

✨ Take a journey through Sedona Az activation DNA Techmolies. 

✨ Tap into ascended DMT with a DMT Activation

✨ Remove the low spin states of the DNA structure

✨ How to activate 7 DNA Elements to hold consciousness through the body's innate design.

✨ Use the Evolution symbols, technology, to create a spiral frequency for the DNA to move through 7 ionic grid cycles. 

✨ Integrate each step through the Evolution movements strengthening the bodies mitochondria to prepare for cell ascension.

✨ Actively participate in the Ascension of your DNA!

Activating the Ascended Vehicle

🌟Dissolve the Looping Cycle of  Spiritual Laws of the Universe.
The spiritual laws of the universe are part of the looping cycle of the flower of life.  As we activate the Ascended DNA Vehicle we are breaking the looping cycle of the laws of the Universe. 

🌟Learn the Advanced NEW Technology that is creating your Ascension Vehicle.

🌟Master Consciousness in Expression!

🌟Experience the 4th/ 5th Ascended Body

🌟Become the Advanced Human!