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Activate Evolution Membership
Activate DMT and Accelerate Your Ascension
New Time And Days!

4:00pm EST on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month

You can change Everything when you awaken to your human potential!

Members please note that the link for the lives will change each month and you will need to access the classroom to receive the updated links.
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For just $33 a month you will receive
2, 1-hour LIVE calls! 

The Activate Evolution membership is a bi-monthly Divine collaboration created to elevate your ascension and introduce High Level tools to support you in holding a higher frequency.

Learn to bring intuitive patterns into a mastery level and step into full creation of Divine intelligence.  You are the Creator and the Creation.

This is a Divine Reflection is designed to catalyze inspired action.  It is time to elevate states of consciousness and break the matrix.  The Activate Evolution membership provides support, high frequency reflection and guidance for those ready to be in the highest expression of DMT, Decoded Molecular Technology.

If you love learning and expanding your mind and consciousness while tapping into your supernatural powers, the Activate Evolution membership offers unmeasurable frequencies to harness with unlimited learning opportunities that support you in reaching your highest potential.

Evolve with Quantum Coach Liane!Liane Lopes
Certified DECU, OM Codes Practitioner and Master Manifest Coach
My story is continually shifting but the “Seeker” in me is forever the same. I have since mastered what it is to live outside of ego and programming and freed myself from a life of fear, control and manipulation. Along my journey I have worked with Shamans. Healers and Coaches who have guided me to the place I am standing at present and can now do the same for others who are ready to ascend themselves. I am an Intuitive, Master Coach, Healer and Manifester and I work with people who are stuck living in “Groundhog Day” and want to explore different states of consciousness. I am on a Divine mission to sustainably live from a much higher vibration and be a beacon of light and hope for others to do the same. I believe in human potential. I believe in YOU!
My work is unique as I combine energy healing, channeling, and life coaching into one jam packed platform, making me “The Quantum Coach” …. because life is meant to be ENJOYED!

Two  1 hour integration calls each month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 4:00pm EST.

Experience 100% Human Potential
Activate DMT and Accelerate Your Ascension

I am reflecting on how differently I feel, think, and move through my life now.  What I have gained from this experience are the tools that support me in being more confident, more present, and more aware in my life.  I am able to discern when my frequency has dropped or a trigger has caused a chemical reaction in my body. and then use my tools to shift and realign myself back to the Divine frequency.  I am connected on a deeper level than ever before, using my clairs, and fully trusting in the Divine.  I am so grateful for all the clarity this membership has brought to me, and the ability this gives me to truly step fully into my personal power and responsibility to create as a Master!

— A Member of the Soul Family