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DECU 101/ OMcodes 201
Personal Journey Schedule

Learn the step-by-step methods that will take you into unlimited potential!  Join others in this group learning experience to create the New Human Experience by cultivating the frequencies of Being Consciously Eternal and Becoming Limitless with guided step-by-step processes.
In 4 weeks you will learn the DECU Method for Self-Healing.
DECU 101
DECU is an acronym for DNA Expression Cellular Upgrade.  It is a method of reprogramming limiting belief systems on a cellular level.  Reprogramming the cells awakens an intelligence that is held within each of us.  This intelligence, or Divine Technology, is the foundation of the evolved human experience. It is a technology that holds the highest human potential.

You begin your personal journey by learning the DECU Method during the 1st 3-weeks of this course.  DECU is a gateway to becoming conscious on a cellular level.  Through DECU, you will learn to read the software that is running through your cells now, and upgrade to the potential you know on a soul level you hold.  You will turn ON your Divine Technology and BECOME the NEW Human.
DECU 201
 You will learn about recoding the DNA with the Universal Language of Frequency 

For 4 weeks, dive into DECU 201.  Learn to code your DNA to turn on DMT Intelligence.  By re-coding the DNA with the frequency of numbers, you begin to move beyond limitations and looping cycle of the programmed body.   Code to reaching your highest potential!  With the specific coding method of DECU 201, you will learn to awaken DMT Technology and start coding and upgrading your BioQuantum Body!    There is a transcribed Intelligence that can be held in a state of consciousness directly related to a frequency of DMT, or 963.  You can activate this coding to AWAKEN 100% human potential.

The passion for a better life drives you to want to be more than what  you are experiencing now.  Are you feeling stuck?  Are you trapped in looping cycles, and have trouble truly creating long-lasting change?
If you use your ability to shift the identity held in the cells, by removing old programming and upgrading your software system, we turn on a BioQuantum Technology.  From here you are capable of anything…. and I do mean ANYTHING!   You become BioQuantum, the NEXT in Human Evolution.

Because we understand what we are teaching is life changing, we want to share our passion to shift humanity to you for a price you can’t pass up on.