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Essential Oils for DECU
Cellular Healing

DECU (DNA Expression Cellular Upgrade) is the next level of learning how to reprogram your cells for better health and vitality.   It is a pathway to enlightenment and is a NEW Earth/ New Human experience!  This is the new science for a healthy body of the future today!
Would you like to add an additional layer of healing frequencies to your healing journey while you are learning the DECU Method of cellular healing?  Why not add essential oils to take you even deeper into identifying and clearing your programs and belief systems from your cells while you are doing a DECU course.  
Essential oils have a high vibrational frequency and wisdom that knows what your body needs to shift you into your next highest expression.  Each bottle is coded with scalar frequencies to support you on your healing journey.
Using DECU to heal the body is a process on how to self-heal.  In DECU we heal with frequency.  DECU itself doesn't heal you; working on yourself with the DECU Process is what
is going to heal you or change your life for the better.
Using the essential oils will amplify that process  
This is a set of 5 Unique Essential Oil Blends that support any DECU Course healing journey 
Use this course during, or after any of our courses.  Each 5 mL bottle will have enough for several healing journeys. 
There is one essential oil blend for each week of the 5-week class to support your transformation and enhance your results.

Purchase includes access to 5 weeks of this On-demand Course material.  We will teach you how to use the blends intentionally each week to help you go deeper into your Cellular Alchemy transformation using the DECU Process.

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Quick overview of each blend
Week 1 HEALTHY BOUNDARIES BLEND – is used for all 5 weeks of DECU Level 1.  We pick up so many energies from other people outside ourselves and from our environment, that we often can’t distinguish our thoughts and emotions from others.  This blend helps you to build a healthy boundary so you know the difference.

Week 2 – I AM BRAVE BLEND - This week of the class, we are addressing our fears and it always helps to get a dose of courage!  We will be working with the body and connecting through the cellular memory of the unconscious fear patterns that your cells are presenting to you so we can clear them with the DECU process.

WEEK 3 - HEALTHY BODY BLEND - The frequency of this blend nourishes your organs.  In week 3 we are moving into deeper levels of Cellular Reprogramming that are connected to an Organ or Body System.  This blend supports healthy organs.  We clear the organ or the body system and then clear the cells so that the origin of the belief system is reset to a higher vibration.  Then we can re-program it with a new identity.

Week 4 - AWARENESS BLEND - This blend will help you go deeper in releasing and breaking the agreements with your negative thoughts and programs.  The doors to identifying your toxic patterns and programs in the memory of your cells is open and ready for a new identity.  This blend is like a wiper that clears away the debris so you can see what needs to be seen and create new choices through your awareness.

Week 5 - SELF-CARE BLEND - This blend is about loving yourself even more.  We’ll address the final remnants of outdated programming. Taking better care of yourself will become your dominant routine as you embrace yourself with more love and self-care.  This will support your on-going self-discovery and connection with your Divine-Self.

All PurSoul Essential Oils are coded with powerful Scalar Wave Frequencies.  Scalar energy form can carry data or information, and this data can be used for therapeutic purposes by the body-mind intelligence. It has been confirmed that scalar waves can stimulate a twenty-fold cell growth in human immune system cells. Scalar waves can increase the covalent energy level of every single hydrogen atom in the body, and that is important due to hydrogen bonds holding DNA together. We use Scalar energy to imprint information into the essential oil bringing it into its highest potential so you receive its highest qualities.
Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime?

"I have used essential oils for physical healing for many years, but never considered the healing aspects on the emotional level.  I participated in this group support workshop recently at a time in my life that I was experiencing emotional pain.  I was amazed at how the essential oils helped to raise the energy vibrations and absolutely helped me to move through such a painful time in my life.  The information one receives from this workshop is simply Miraculous.
Thank you.  Keep up the good work.  Diana"

"Thank you for the work you do.  Your wisdom, your breadth of knowledge, your compassion and understanding.  Every time I have a healing session with you and take one of your workshops, my life improves for the better.  I don't know where I'd be today without you both in my life.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  Ivy"

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