Join Denise and Kathy for this fun filled "Play Shop" 
We are calling it a "Play Shop" because it is going to be playful, humorous, and fun!

You will be guided by Master Teachers and Evolution Coders Denise Kilonsky and Kathy Read during this live virtual Play Shop.  Students love the synergy of these two powerful teachers.  Each bring their own unique wisdom and years of experience making each workshop powerful and transformative.
Denise Kilonsky
Practitioner and Teacher
Evolution Journey Card Coder
Blending Alchemist for PurSoul Remedies

Kathy Read
Practitioner and Teacher

Evolution Journey Card Coder
and Teacher
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If you answer YES to any of these,
  • Are you still looking for "the perfect time" to start a new "life", project, job, relationship, etc.?
  • Are you tired of listening to all the "excuses" your "mini-me" makes to scare you from moving forward?
  • Are you stuck in the loop of hearing, "NO, that won't work, you can't expect to play all day and earn a living.  You have to take life seriously!"  
  • Do you stop yourself out of fear of failure, rejection, or judgement?
What if you can turn the tables on all that?
What if you had all the support you needed?
What if you felt inspired and proceeded with care-free abandon?
What if all of your dreams came true?
What IF.......?

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Gamify Reality Package Specials
Package A Play Shop only $88.00
Package B – Play Shop plus Set of Trifecta Oils $152 ($208 retail value)
Package C - Play Shop plus Set of Trifecta Oils plus 20-30 Min. Card Reading
from Kathy $177 ($308 retail value)

Oils are Optional, see more information below.

Trifecta of 3 Powerful Essential Oil Blends
to support your transformation!

Optional: Trifecta essential oil package.  Our blending Alchemist Denise Kilonsky will teach you how to attune and work with the frequency of these oils as you apply them during this Play Shop.  This very special Trifecta oil set will support your remembrance and expression of your magnificence and playfulness.  We hope that you can sense into how powerful the oils are.

Retail price of the oil set is $120.  Discounted price for our students is $75. (
This special discount is only valid for students of this
Play Shop.)  Once you have registered you will be redirected to our product page to complete the transaction and pay for shipping.

The discount is automatically applied for this set of 3 oils.  The oils in the Trifecta package are:

  1. The Gamify Blend
  2. Activate Evolution Blend
  3. The Spiraling Up Blend

The essential oils are optional, however, these scalar coded essential oil blends are a delivery system to help you amp up your frequency and maintain the higher levels of consciousness during and after the Play Shop. 
When Denise created the blend she called Kathy and told her about the blend as she giggled and laughed about how it was making her feel.  Instantaneously they said, “what about creating a workshop out of this to share with our community?"

We just love gamifying reality and want to help you learn how to do that too!  It is so much FUN!!!

After we applied the oils we started to giggle and laugh like mischievous little school girls! This is a picture Kathy took after she received the blend and started playing with it. Look at that playful mischievous look in her eyes!
Gamify Package A 
Workshop + Gamify blend 
Gamify Package B
Workshop PLUS Set of Trifecta Oils ($208 value)
Gamify Package C
Workshop PLUS Set of Trifecta Oils PLUS 20-30 Min. Card Reading from Kathy $177 ($308 value)