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Golden Lotus Light Body Retreat
Only 5 spots available for this Empowering 
Boutique Retreat

You came to this planet to be a part of this pivotal moment. As a Wayshower, lightworker and changemaker, you are the creator and the creation of the New Earth.  You are an advanced soul holding a unique expression of Divine Design.  You are a channel that brings through specific frequencies directly connected to your part in this design.  You hold the light codes that are released.  You are needed.  Many of you have been afraid to let go of the need to stay small and repeat old stories or clearings that have long been overcome.  It is time to BEcome your NEXT.  To show yourself & your gifts to the world.

For far too long have Wayshowers hid behind their own programming.  Feeling trapped in the wheel of repeated behavior that we judge and shame ourselves for.  You are an advanced being that is stuck in the old paradigm of healing…. What if I told you you are already healed and all you have to do is self discover in your Highest Potential? It is time to step into your power and find out who you are beyond your programming.  You have looked at this part of yourself for long enough.  Now it is time to program yourself to your supernatural way of being.  This cannot be done by focusing on the things you have repeatedly looked at.  Our ego mind wants to tell us we need to clear more before we can be happy, abundant or successful as our highest potential.  This is NOT true… all you need to do is focus on yourself in a reality held in the heart.

You already have the highest level of source intelligence within you.  It cannot awaken when you focus on needing to be fixed.  You are here, bringing through information, insights, and quantum technologies in this moment just by being you.  What would your life be like if you chose to be conscious of this instead of the fear and judgement you hold over yourself?  Through your being, you assist in activating higher consciousness.  This consciousness  is needed in the world and it holds the very magic your heart desires.. You are ready to step into the experience of Your Brilliance!  
Be Apart of the 1st Live Retreat!
First come First Serve: $2000 per person
$500 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot (only 20 available).  $1500 due by March 11th
4 nights of Lodging and 9 meals included.

Want to contribute and receive a discount?

We need 1 Yoga teacher:
$100 for each yoga class(3 classes): need to be certified

***Meals will be vegetarian with protein options

Experience the Golden Lotus!

Accelerat Your 

Ascension to the Light Body


“This last Evolution retreat tops all the others and it just keeps getting better and better.  The energies were intensely wonderful and everything I thought I knew was challenged and up leveled in the most perfect ways.  In a matter of 48 hours I was able to drop habits that no longer served me and shift into a state of complete surrender and trust.  I no longer NEED or DESIRE to be in charge anymore and have chosen to allow Source intelligence and my body that is my vehicle to guide me and steer me through this experience called life.   I now get the freedom to simply go along for the ride.  There is nothing more freeing than this and I look forward to my next....the ride of a lifetime!” – Liane Lopes

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ORDER SUMMARY $500 Non-refundable deposit/ $1500 due by 4/1/2023